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University of Zurich

The University of Zurich UZH numbers among the world’s best one hundred universities. A public institution, our University is dedicated in equal measure to research and education, and collaborates via international agreements with numerous other leading institutions of higher learning. As a comprehensive university, we place great emphasis on both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches, and our academic offerings include over 100 different innovative study programs and graduate schools.

The University of Zurich is committed to educating and fostering the leaders and scholars of tomorrow. At UZH, over 25,500 students benefit from the expertise and guidance of more than 4,500 instructors.

The University of Zurich is the alma mater of numerous Nobel Prize laureates and distinguished researchers, including Albert Einstein and Charles Weissmann.

University of Zurich

Pictures: ©University of Zurich, Frank Brüderli and Manfred Richter

University of Zurich, Department of Physics

Over 130 physicists conduct research in the University of Zurich's Department of Physics, including 11 male and 2 female professors, as well as 60 doctoral students. They are involved, for instance, in the construction and operation of two detectors at CERN, in investigations into the Higgs boson and in research into the properties of matter and antimatter. They play a leading role in various dark matter detection experiments, including those being carried out in the Gran Sasso underground laboratory, and on European Space Agency (ESA) space missions with the goal of detecting gravitational waves. Other research areas are high temperature superconductivity and other properties of special materials, the physics of biological systems and the physical properties of surfaces.

The range of courses offered includes a Bachelor and Master program, as well as doctoral programs for Swiss and international students. Particularly talented physicists have the opportunity of taking part in a fast track program (doctoral program directly following the Bachelor degree).

The Department of Physics has been home to famous personalities and Nobel Prize laureates. Albert Einstein received his doctorate at the University of Zurich, and it was also here that Erwin Schrödinger developed his wave theory that changed the world of physics forever. Furthermore, Karl Alex Müller researched and taught here, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1987 together with Johannes Georg Bednorz "for their important break-through in the discovery of superconductivity in ceramic materials".

Department of Physics, University of Zurich
Nobel Prize laureates at the University of Zurich

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