Zurich | July 11–17 |

Participants and Volunteers


Every delegation consists of the five winners of their National Physics Olympiad. For further information, please contact the respective organizers.

  • Students from Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein: For further information please contact www.swisspho.ch

  • Students from other countries: Seek for information from your National Physics Olympiad organization. Contact information www.ipho.org


All country coordinators have received a login to this website on November/December, 2015. The official invitation letters as well as the first circular with further information were sent out in January 2016. The online delegation registration opened shortly thereafter.


The IPhO 2016 seeks volunteers with the following requirements:

General Requirements
As a volunteer you are 18 of age by the time of the IPhO (born before July 10, 1998), you have a sufficient command of English and are fluent in an official Swiss language, have a good knowlegde of Switzerland, are open-minded, dedicated and responsible and are ready to commit yourself for the duration of the entire IPhO.

Academic Assistant (9 – 17 July 2016)
You assist the Academic Committee (set-up exam infrastructure, exam scanning, trouble-shooting). Requirement: Physics students and, or SwissPhO/IPhO alumni.

Marker (12 – 16 July 2016)
You mark the exams and discuss the corrections with the leaders. Requirement: MSc in Physics.

Team Guides and Leader Guides (9 – 17 July 2016)
You represent the organization and accompany and guide the students or leaders of the 90 delegations. Fun and multicultural exchange are main parts of your tasks, but you are as well responsible for the sorrows and wishes of your guests. Requirement: enjoying intercultural exchange, resilience, solution-oriented service mentality.

Media volunteers (9 – 18 July 2016)
During IPhO, a four-page newsletter will be released every day in English, featuring articles, news, interviews, photos, etc. We need your help to edit and produce the newsletter. A number of communication activities will also carried out in connection with the event. Are you interested in helping out? Requirements: editorial and journalistic skills; experience in marketing communication, including social media; a solution-oriented service mentality. Languages: fluent German and English.

Event volunteers (approx. 9 – 17 July 2016)
You will support our Core Event Team with the implementation of the various events during IPhO. Requirements: Experience in holding events; good organisational skills; solution-oriented service mentality; languages: German and English.

Assistants to the Organising Committee (approx. 1 – 18 July 2016)
You will be the right hand to the people in charge on the Organising Committee and will provide help and support where required. Requirements: Good organisational skills; quick to grasp new tasks and concepts; solution-oriented service mentality. Languages: German and English.

What are your benefits?

  • You have the possibility to build an international, scientific network and socialise with other volunteers.

  • You can gain experiences in the organisation of major international events.

  • You will get personal gifts and giveaways.

  • We will cover your accommodation, meals and transportation expenses

  • As a Team Guide you accompany your team to all events and excursions like Swiss Alps, famous research centre, chocolate factory etc.

  • You will get an invitation for the Closing Party.

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