Zurich | July 11–17 |

SUNDAY, 17. July 2016

After the closing ceremony, it was time to say goodbye.

Farewell 17.07.2016

Today, the Closing Ceremony of IPhO 2016 took place at Tonhalle Zürich.

Closing Ceremony 17.07.2016

SATURDAY, 16. July 2016

Today, the group of students who went to CERN yesterday, had the opportunity to visit mount Rigi in plain sunshine.

Rigi Excursion 16.07.2016

...and the other group went to CERN and the International Red Cross Museum.

CERN & Red Cross Museum 16.07.2016

Friday, 15. July 2016

One group of students went to Rigi and Lucerne...

Rigi Excursion 15.07.2016

...while the other half visited CERN in Geneva.

Excursion to CERN 15.07.2016

Thursday, 14. July 2016

The midterm party was a great opportunity for participants and leaders to get to know some details of swiss culture.

Midterm Party 14.07.2016

Various activities throughout the afternoon.

Afternoon Activities 14.07.2016

Where the exams are printed:

Where the exams are printed 14.07.2016

This morning the theoretical exam took place.

Theoretical Exam 14.07.2016


Today the markers were correcting the practical exams...

Markers correcting practical exams 13.07.2016

...while the students were having fun in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein 13.07.2016

Tuesday, 12. July 2016

After the practical exam, the students visited the transformer substation in Zurich Oerlikon.

Excursion to the transformer substation in Oerlikon 12.07.2016

A group of students visited WVZ, the tap water supplier of Zurich.

Water suppliy Zurich 12.07.2016

While the first half of the students were taking the practical exam the markers had a meeting at University of Zurich.

Marker meeting 12.07.2016

Today the practical exam has taken place.

Practical Exam 12.07.2016

Monday, 11. July 2016

The students had a chance to have a look inside the Paul Scherrer Institute, an important research institution.

Paul Scherrer Institute 11.07.2016

The opening ceremony marked the official beginning of the IPhO 2016

Opening Ceremony 11.07.2016

Sunday, 10. July 2016

Registration of the participants. Now they have to hand in their electronical devices...

Registration 10.07.2016

The participants are arriving at the Airport

Arrival of the Delegations 10.07.2016

Saturday, 9. July 2016

Preparing the exams hall

Exams Hall 09.07.2016

Arrival and briefing of the volunteers

Getting Ready 09.07.2016

Friday, 8. July 2016

Setting up the infrastructure at Technopark

Impressionen Technopark 08.07.2016

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