Zurich | July 11–17 |

Organizers and Partners

IPhO 2016 is being run by the following three organizations:

The Steering Committee, which is made up of representatives of the organizing bodies, ensures that IPhO 2016 complies with the international rules determined by the International Board. The dual project management ensures that the project is appropriately organized.

The host country of the International Physics Olympiad is obliged to cover the costs of participants' stay, including the program of supplementary events, for the full duration of IPhO 2016.

Expenses related to scientific work (purchase and production of materials for the theoretical and practical exercises) represent a considerable proportion of this. This amount also includes the lion’s share of the expenses for accommodation (around 8,500 hotel nights) and catering (24,000 meals).

The Science Olympiads are only possible thanks to the phenomenal work performed by volunteers and the generous support of donors and sponsors.

The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI, the University of Zurich with its Department of Physics, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads as well as the Association of Swiss Physics Olympiad support the IPhO 2016.

Thanks to additional pledges and the token participation fees, around half of the cost has been secured. Further donors and sponsors are being sought.

Support the IPhO!

Our donors and sponsors share the values underlying the Scientific Olympiads.

You want to

  • encourage young talents in sciences, especially physics;

  • help youngsters in their development/education;

  • support the dialogue between young people and between their mentors from Switzerland and all over the world in a friendly and open atmosphere.

It is an opportunity to give a clear sign as an international, forward-looking and open-minded partner. You support future research and education and commit yourself for a sustainable development of the society.

Donors and sponsors are offered individually tailored and jointly developed participation options and recognition for their support, thereby ensuring their commitment is mutually beneficial.