Zurich | July 11–17 |


Albert Einstein ranks among the most influential physicists of all time. He was, as it were, the Chuck Norris of scientists. Through his research he has left a legacy that goes far beyond the field of physics. Without him there would be no CD players, no GPS, no digital cameras and no solar energy as we know it today.

Einstein’s world of physics must have been a universe full of thoughts, inspiration, associations, visions, and mind-boggling and fascinating concepts. He was driven by an irrepressible desire to explain the world.

In order to share some of this magic with you, we are hosting the Facebook page Einstein sein (being Einstein) as part of IPhO 2016. Far from having to grapple with equations and difficult calculations, you can immerse yourself in a world of physics that is entertaining and wondrous, one that smokes and bangs, resounds and flashes. We will comb through the Internet, books, the workshops of physicists and the experiment archive of the University of Zurich – always with a view to presenting the dazzling wealth of physical phenomena and activities in a manner that can be easily grasped and experienced. Why not join us? www.einsteinsein.org

Facebook Einistein sein (in German only)

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